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Freshwater pearl mussels on the river bed
Freshwater pearl mussels on the river bed

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map of Peril Project river bank restoration locations

Glen Clova and Glen Doll
Temporary disruption from 6th July for 4 to 5 weeks

image at the river Dee - Croy removal

The River Dee Special Area of Conservation (SAC) holds important populations of freshwater pearl mussel and Atlantic salmon.

Rottal Burn March 2013

Identifying, Planning and Undertaking River Restoration Projects - Sharing Good Practice (SGP) workshop on 23rd & 24th Sept '14

Freshwater pearl mussel (Margaritifera margaritifera)  live 'hidden' in cold, fast flowing rivers, yet this species is embedded in our history, culture and biodiversity. Pearls in Peril (LIFE+Nature) is an exciting nationwide project that will act to secure the future of this critically endangered species.